Adult Auditions

This site includes information that outlines what we look for in performers so people can assess their suitability for the show, and to help them prepare for auditions.

We would like to invite actors, dancers and singers from all backgrounds/ethnic groups to audition to be part of THE LION KING family. Although preferable, no previous training is required and you don't need to have an agent.

Child Auditions

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The next auditions for THE LION KING will take place in late 2020. Please check back later in the year for further details.

For all other casting enquiries, please email Pippa Ailion.

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Performers need to prepare a contemporary rock, pop or gospel song and are asked to bring along sheet music for their song, written in the appropriate key; and presented in a manageable way for the pianist. Backing tapes are not permitted.

Performers should arrive early and make sure that they have warmed up vocally prior to their audition.


Dancers do not need to prepare a dance routine for the audition. Dancers should arrive early for the audition in order to do their own physical warm up. Comfortable clothing that does not hide the dancer's physique should be worn. Flat jazz shoes or bare feet are suggested. Men are encouraged to bring trainers and women should bring pointe shoes, if they have them. Dancers should have a contemporary rock or pop song, with sheet music prepared in case they are short-listed.

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Singers & Actors

Auditions for singers and actors take place in three stages: Initial Auditions, Call-backs & Coaching and Final Auditions with the International Creative Team.

1. Initial Auditions

Auditions are advertised in newspapers, online, via agents and contact lists.

Auditionees are requested to come to the auditions with a contemporary rock, pop or gospel song prepared. A pianist is provided. Clear and well-laid out sheet music is required; and in the correct key for the singer. No backing tapes.

The auditionee will be given a set time to audition by the audition coordinator. At the audition the singer may be asked to sing only 16 bars (eg. verse and chorus) of the song they have prepared.

The Casting Director and Casting Coordinator are present at these auditions.

2. Call-backs and Coaching

Due to large-scale logistics we are unable to contact everyone who auditions. Should you be successful at the initial audition, you will be contacted by the Casting Department and sent material from the show to prepare for the next audition.

The material is usually a song and an acting piece for a particular character from THE LION KING. After the call-back audition the Casting Director will give feedback and may work on the acting piece with the auditionee. If the Music Director is present, there may also be some coaching on the song.

The Casting Director, Casting Coordinator, Music Director and the Resident Director may be present at these auditions.

There may be additional coaching sessions before the finals.

3. Final Auditions

Successful performers will be short-listed to audition for the International Creative Team.

The materials for this final audition will be the material prepared from the show and also a contemporary rock or pop song (not a cappella).


Dance auditions usually take place in two major phases: initial auditions and then call-backs to the International Creative Team.

1. Initial Auditions

Auditions are advertised in newspapers, online, via agents and contact lists.

At the initial audition dancers may be seen on separate women's or men's days, or at mixed sessions. All dancers arrive at the beginning of auditions to register and are then auditioned during the day.

A short dance sequence adapted from THE LION KING is taught to the dancers by the Resident Dance Supervisor or Dance Captains. Dancers are assessed on their versatility and technique. At the end of each session unsuccessful dancers are notified and the successful dancers are asked to continue with the next session or asked to come back later in the day. By the end of the audition day the short-listed dancers remain. They may be asked to do another sequence from the show and sing for the Music Director.

2. Call-backs

Short-listed dancers are notified of their call-back to dance for the International Creative Team. These auditions follow much the same pattern as the initial auditions. At the end of this audition day male and female dancers are brought together for a final audition for evaluation by the international creative team.