Relaxed Performances

THE LION KING is committed to creating a friendly and inclusive audience experience. Having hosted a hugely successful Autism-Friendly Performance in its inaugural tour in 2013, along with five Autism-Friendly Performances in the Lyceum Theatre London, the landmark musical is delighted to be presenting a Relaxed Performance in the Alhambra Theatre on Tuesday 24 May at 5pm.

Relaxed performances are designed to provide an opportunity for those on the autism spectrum, learning difficulties or other sensory and communication needs who might prefer a more relaxed environment.

Any patrons who feel this performance might suit their specific needs, or the needs of their family members or companions, are warmly encouraged to attend.

Audiences who hold tickets for the 2020 relaxed performance will automatically be issued a new performance date of 24 May 2022 for the new engagement. The same seats are held at the new performance as originally booked. Ticketholders will also receive an email confirming their new performance date in due course - please note that due to volume of sales, this may take some weeks.

Due to the current volume of bookings to be managed by the teams, we would ask customers to bear with us whilst we work through enquiries. Please note that the Alhambra Theatre is currently closed, and Bradford Theatres box office staff are not able to answer any telephone queries at this time. Please contact us through our website enquiry form.

What is a Relaxed Performance?